gpl odorizers logo vertical-webGPL Odorizers provide an accurate odorant injection of natural gas, propane, and biogas, over a wide range, including problematic no-flow, ultra-low-flow, high-flow, and high-pressure applications. The manufacturer offers two models that provide precise odorization for most applications. The GPL innovative approach does not use gas to actuate the system and has a sealed and ventless design, meaning that no gas discharges to the atmosphere; therefore, there is no smell, lowering leak-call complaints. The GPL units use advanced tech, which saves time and money through remote monitoring, real-time communications, and efficient reporting. The odorization units are simple to use, easy to maintain, save time, and competitively priced.

The GPL 750 uses patented drip technology, providing precise odorization in low-flow (even no-flow) and intermittent-flow applications.

The GPL 10000 is for high-pressure and high-flow applications at transmission companies and large city gate stations.