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Honeywell Mercury Instruments is the manufacturer of electronic instruments for the natural gas industry, including the Electronic Data Recorders ERX, Electronic Temperature Compensation TCI, Pulse Accumulator, Turbo Corrector and Turbo Monitor.

The most advanced electronic temperature compensating index available for rotary meters.

The Honeywell Mercury Turbo Corrector is a full-featured electronic corrector retrofitted with an internal expansion board called the Turbine Interface Board.

The Honeywell Mercury Turbo Monitor is an electronic device designed to receive inputs from the Invensys Auto-Adjust turbine meter to calculate adjusted volume.

Honeywell Mercury Instruments ERX is a microprocessor-based, standalone, electronic data recorder that measures pressure(s), temperature, case temperature and power.

The Honeywell Mercury Instruments Pulse Accumulator is a wall-mounted, battery powered electronic recorder of low frequency pulses.