Itron METRIS 250 - Residential Gas Meter

Residential Gas Meter  METRIS 250

Itron Metris 250 diaphragm gas meter is ideal to measure natural gas for residential and light commercial applications and offers configuration flexibility.

The METRIS 250® diaphragm gas meter is designed to measure natural gas for residential and light commercial applications. With the objective of providing reliable and long-term performance, the Itron meter delivers. The gas meter meets ANSI B109.1 standards for a 250 class meter and is compatible with leading AMR/AMI devices. Both pulse output and temperature compensation are optional. The METRIS RD has remote disconnect capability and a data logging ERT module.

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  • Itron calibration instrumentation is NIST traceable


  • Common measurement module
  • 4-chamber design
  • One piece, seamless, convoluted diaphragm
  • Tamper resistant design
  • Built-in pressure taps (RM)
  • Lubrication-free bearing surfaces
  • Top entry adjustment
  • EZ-VU Adjustment Port
  • 5/16" nut adjustment mechanism
  • Easy handling
  • Long life
  • AMR/AMI Compatible

Meets Applicable Standards

  • ANSI B10 9.1

Product Approvals

  • Measurement Canada AG-0393
  • CA Weights & Measures 5398-11
  • Maryland Public Service Commission
  • COMAR 20.55.07

The METRIS 250 has valued configuration flexibility by offering three distinct versions:

METRIS 250 Standard

The METRIS 250 meter can be retrofitted into any standard residential meter set. Meter installers appreciate its slim, lightweight construction. Combining the one-piece seamless diaphragm with die-cast aluminum construction and lube-free bearing surfaces deliver a meter that is slim, lightweight and appreciated by meter installers.


The "RM" version of the METRIS offers a win-win for the utility company and the homeowner. The homeowner appreciates its clean, compact and straightforward appearance while the utility company welcomes its performance and the savings associated with diminished installation piping and reduced installation time.

The METRIS RM is the only combination regulator and meter with a meter bar available directly from a manufacturer. This innovative design solves many troublesome meter location issues where space is an issue. The RM has three pressure taps for field maintenance.


The METRIS MB in many cases is the perfect choice for submetering when space concerns are an issue. The gas meter has a back inlet and outlet configuration which allows for tight multiple meter sets, and metering with ease in multi-family units or even high-rise apartment closets. By removing the piping associated with a standard six-inch meter, additional space is created for the resident.

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