Itron I-250 Gas Meter versus Metris Residential Meters

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A bit reminiscent of the “New Coke” product introduction, then returning “Coke Classic” to market only months later, after a 15-year hiatus Itron is bringing back a classic residential gas meter design to augment their product offerings.

Sprague-Schlumberger-Actaris-Itron Meters

Itron I250 Gas Meter vs Metris 250

Many years ago, Actaris (formerly Schlumberger) introduced the METRIS® 250, a residential gas meter with a trimmer body compared to the old-style classic design first introduced by its predecessor, Sprague Meter. At the time, it appeared that customers wanted a thinner design to accommodate greater configuration flexibility. Actaris responded with the METRIS line and was later acquired by Itron in 2007.

While the METRIS 250 is still an active, viable product offering, Itron is reintroducing the classic style as the Itron I-250 Residential Gas Meter. Like the Metris, the I-250 is a residential positive displacement diaphragm gas meter, with the longstanding traditional Sprague-like shape with updated features.

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METRIS 250 Gas Meters

Itron METRIS 250 Residential Gas Meter

Itron METRIS 250 Residential Gas Meter

The METRIS 250 has a four-chamber design with a one-piece seamless convoluted diaphragm. The narrow modular design offers three versions to meet the installation needs:

  • METRIS 250–Standard Retrofit
  • METRIS RM–Total Measurement Application (includes regulator and meter bar)
  • METRIS MB–Sub-Metering Application

The METRIS can be recalibrated in the field by removing the lower case and installing a complete internal package that has been calibrated at the factory.

Itron I-250 Residential Gas Meter

Itron I250 gas meter vs metris

Itron I-250 Residential Gas Meter

The I-250 Gas Meter is manufactured using the long withstanding proven design and improved by using the best of today’s materials. It can accurately measure gas over a wider range of flow rates and is superior in severe weather. The I-250 is simpler in design with three chambers. The meter doesn’t run as fast as the Metris 250, so it is quieter and the life expectancy on parts is longer offering longstanding performance.

The I-250 residential gas meter is not intended to replace the METRIS meters. It is an alternative for those customers willing to sacrifice design flexibility for improved accuracy over a wide range of flow rates. Both meters are compatible with AMR/AMI devices and meet ANSI B109.1 standards.

Sprague 240 Gas Meter Replacement

The Sprague 240 was a popular meter back in the 1980s, and all good things come to an end. While many of these meters remain in service today, they won’t last forever and Itron’s I-250 is designed to be the perfect replacement for the thousands of Sprague 240 gas meters that will surely be phased out.

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