Itron CL31 regulators are for utility “Fixed Factor” metering of small loads and industrial heating equipment requiring constant high burner pressures.

The Itron CL31 regulator can produce substantial savings for users in lower initial costs, lower installation costs, and lower maintenance costs. Optimum valve design limits over boosting or rapid drop-off as the capacity requirement changes, including fast on-off loads.

The CL31 is for systems requiring highly accurate pressure regulation such as utility “Fixed Factor” metering of relatively small loads (up to 4000scfh) and industrial heating equipment requiring constant high burner pressures (1 PSIG to 20 PSIG).

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Features & Benefits

CL31 Regulator Features

  • Controlled size pilot breather orifice eliminates pulsation and provides normal breathing operations
  • "Stop stem" in pilot ensures token internal relief valve operation
  • No special start-up procedures

The versions available with the CL31 are:

  • CL31N - The CL31N is a constant pressure loaded regulator that utilizes a pilot with no internal relief (N). This regulator can be used where psig to psig regulation is required with no internal relief
  • CL31R - The CL31R is a constant pressure loaded regulator equipped with a pilot internal relief valve. The pilot relief valve is not designed for "full capacity" relief, but rather to limit the loading chamber pressure to a safe value in the event of a failure
  • CL31IMN - The CL31IMN is a constant pressure loaded regulator featuring Internal Monitoring (IM) operation with no pilot internal relief (N). It provides the important added advantage of a second, bubble-tight lock-up seat in series with the primary seat. If the primary seat fails to close or control the gas flow, the Internal Monitor seat assumes control of the downstream gas pressure
  • CL31IMR - The CL31IMR provides the same features as the 'IMN' model but with token pilot relief valve backup of the monitor orifice if both the primary seat and monitor seat fail simultaneously
  • CL31IMRV - Operation is identical to the 'IMR' except that at no flow position of the monitor orifice a small volume of gas is vented through the relief valve to serve as a signal that the regulator is on monitor operation and the primary seat has failed. No gas is vented until the gas load is less than the volume going through the orifice vent hole and the regulator is on monitor operation

Connection Sizes ¾" - 1¼"
Max. Flow Range 4,000 SCFH


Our warehouse is located just outside of Denver Colorado. We've become the premier source for Itron's regulators in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Not familiar with Itron? Itron was formerly known as Actaris and Schlumberger.

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