Trenton Wax Tape versus FBE Coating and Dielectric Strength

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Dielectric strength measurements can quantify the insulation strength quality of anti-corrosion pipeline materials, such as FBE coating (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) and Trenton Wax Tape.

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What is the dielectric strength?

Dielectric strength is essentially a measure of the insulation quality of a material. It is defined as the voltage needed to generate a dielectric breakdown of a specific material and expressed as Volts per unit of thickness. The higher the dielectric strength means the better the insulation quality of the material, which means it will be more effective as an external coating.

Pipeline Coatings

Pipelines are coated using various materials with the objective of insulating them to protect them against external influences, such as bacteria, salts, moisture, UV rays, galvanic contact, or any other stimuli that could produce corrosion.

Here are relative dielectric strength measurements of material used to protect pipelines against corrosion:

Material Dielectric Strength V/mil Dielectric strength at a coating thickness
Fusion Bonded Epoxy 1,180 V/mil 8,260V-17,250V (7-15 mils)
Trenton Tape  236 V/mil 21,240V (90 mils)
PE (cold applied tape)  145 V/mil 5,800 V (40 mils)
TeflonTM  600 V/mil N/A

Trenton Wax Tape Anti-Corrosion versus FBE

There is no argument that Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) is an effective pipeline coating method. It performs extremely well and is durable. On the downside, however, FBE is expensive as the surface preparation is laborious and cumbersome and the pipe coating must be heated to 250°F.

At the recommended coating thickness for Trenton Wax Tape anti-corrosion systems, the coating also has high dielectric strength. The Trenton alternative is also not subject to the high material and application costs of the FBE, making it an effective anti-corrosion choice for coating and insulating pipelines to prevent corrosion.

Take a look at this video, it reveals how easily the Trenton product is applied. If you are interested in learning more visit Trenton Wax Tape for Anti-Corrosion of Pipelines are call us at (303) 697-6701.


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