New High Flow Line Pressure Regulator with Internal Vent Limiter

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Linc Energy Systems is now a distributor of Dungs FRS 7../6, a series of line pressure regulators with internal vent limiters for high flow and input pressures up to 7 PSI.  These regulators reduce the line pressure running between a gas service regulator and an appliance pressure regulator.

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Dungs Line Pressure Regulator with Vent limiting Device

The Dungs FRS 7../6 nicely fills a void in our extensive regulator lines. The regulators have a lever design and serve high capacity gas lines. They operate in indoor applications because of an internal factory-installed vent limiter, limiting gas’s escape to less than 0.5 CFH at 5 PSI in the event of an atmospheric diaphragm rupture. The vent limiting device complies with EN 88-1 & ISO 23551-2.


dungs FRS line pressure regulator

The FRS7../6 are threaded, and the FRS5…are flanged.

The FRS7../6 are threaded, and the FRS5…are flanged. The regulators are balancing-type pressure regulators that are spring-loaded with an adjustable set point. Both feature an internal sensor for regulating output pressure.

  • Input pressures up to 7 PSI and NPT 1/2” to NPT 3” thread connections (FRS 7../6)
  • Heavy-duty diaphragm construction for durability and strength
  • Steady, precise, and instantaneous regulation of the outlet pressure
  • Lock-up  type  regulator
  • Factory-installed  vent  limiter


The FRS line pressure regulators are for applications when incoming gas pressure from a service regulator needs to reduce to an appropriate pressure for the gas appliance pressure regulator.  These are for high-efficiency appliances, high-turn down appliances, appliances using direct spark ignition or hot surface ignition, and other applications requiring a high-performance regulator. The FRS is suitable for dry natural gas, propane, butane, air, and inert gases. The  FRS  does not contain any non-ferrous metals and is ideal for gases containing no more than 0.1 % by volume, dry H2S.

If you’d like to learn more, see Dungs FRS Line Pressure Regulators or request a quote.

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