The Itron CL231 regulator is ideal for mid-sized commercial and industrial applications requiring accurate pressure regulation.

The Itron CL231 regulator is designed primarily for use in medium-size commercial and industrial installations requiring highly accurate pressure regulation. The CL231 can produce substantial savings for users with lower initial costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs.

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Features & Benefits

CL231 Industrial Regulators

The CL231 was designed for systems requiring highly accurate pressure regulation, such as:

  • Metering loads (approx. 500 to 7500 CFH) without the need for expensive instrumentation
  • As a 1 1/2" or 2" regulator covering the outlet range from 1 PSIG to 20 PSIG without downstream control
  • Where very accurate PSI to PSI regulation (+/- 1% outlet pressure absolute) is desired than is obtainable from conventional spring-loaded regulators ahead of a "Fixed Factor Billing" meter or ahead of a "Pressure Compensating Index" meter
  • As a reliable and accurate replacement (without downstream control) for conventional regulators requiring downstream control

The two versions available are:

  • CL231R - The CL231R is a constant pressure-loaded regulator equipped with a pilot internal relief valve. The pilot relief valve is not designed for "full capacity" relief but rather to limit the loading chamber pressure to a safe value in the event of failure
  • CL231N - The CL231N is a constant pressure-loaded regulator that utilizes a pilot with no internal relief (N). This regulator can be used where PSIG to PSIG regulation is required with no internal relief




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