Itron B838 regulators are ideal for high capacity gas flow (1,000 to 40,000 CFH) and provide savings versus a traditional parallel set of prefabricated design.

The Itron B838 Series regulators are designed to handle the increased gas flows of large orifice sizes. With twin, large size diaphragm cases the 838 offers unusually large internal relief capacity for greater safety. It provides pounds-to-pounds and pounds-to-inches water column pressure regulation.

Itron discontinued the following monitor and downstream control regulator models; B35M, B838M, B838D, CL838M1&2, CL838D1&2. Support for spare parts will end on 12/31/19.

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Features & Benefits

B838 Commercial Regulator

Designed for commercial and small industrial applications where capacities range between 1000 and 40,000 CFH, the twin unit concept provides excellent control of widely varying inlet pressures and fluctuating flow rates.

The 838 provides significant cost savings in piping and labor when used instead of a conventional parallel set or prefabricated header design. It costs less than a large orifice regulator and separate relief valve and piping and provides safety advantages as well. Using two small orifices rather than one large orifice provides better control of outlet pressure over a wide range of inlet pressure swing, as well as reduced overpressure build-up in the event of failure of one small orifice.

Connection Sizes 2"X2" - 2"X4"
Max. Flow Range 50,000 SCFH


Our warehouse is located just outside of Denver Colorado. We've become the premier source for Itron's regulators in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Not familiar with Itron? Itron was formerly known as Actaris and Schlumberger.

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