The Itron B531 is ideal for light to medium commercial service where high-degrees of safety or overpressure protection are required, such as schools and hospitals.

The Itron B531 is a spring-loaded regulator equipped with a valve body that is effectively two regulators in parallel. This design allows for nearly double the capacity that can be achieved with a single 6″ diaphragm regulator. The B531 design is symmetric about that downstream piping so all parts are identical in both diaphragm cases.

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Features & Benefits

B531 Twin Parallel Commercial Regulator

Appropriate for Utility light to medium commercial service applications where a high degree of Safety or Overpressure Protection is required, such as schools, hospitals, etc. The B531 is an excellent replacement for parallel regulator piping. Some benefits include:

  • Fast response protects equipment from shock damage
  • Field inspection of the Internal Monitor (IM) and Internal Relief valves without customer shut-off or by-pass
  • Unmatched overpressure protection with Internal Monitor plus Internal Relief (IMR) option
  • Six different assembly position option
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