TwinSonic-Plus Ultrasonic Gas Meter

The TwinSonic-plus is a two-in-one redundant multi-path ultrasonic gas meter for custody transfer measurement of natural gas.


Volatile prices and tight margins pressure gas companies to manage costs, increase uptime and reduce risks. Efficient custody transfer is a focus of this effort and high accuracy and reliability in metering are key differentiators for midstream operators. The need for consistent measurements and reliable, robust metering solutions can make all the difference. Honeywell Elster®​ TwinSonicplus ultrasonic gas meters have market-leading technology delivering insight to natural gas custody transfer applications.

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Features & Benefits

How does this ultrasonic gas meter work?

TwinSonicplus relies on Q.Sonicplus USM market-leading technology. The meter’s patented six-path configuration provides flow profile recognition, superb noise immunity, and unbeatable pressure and gas velocity abilities.

The ultrasonic meter quickly identifies fouling or liquids inside the pipe. With four double reflection paths (swirl paths) and two single reflection paths (axial paths), the primary measurement provides compliant fiscal measurements even in case of a failure of one path of each type (axial/swirl).

Continuous verification of this primary measurement is achieved using additional 100% redundant electronics and dual-path configuration built into the meter body. Two single reflective (axial) paths for verification support the primary measurement, providing greater confidence in the final measurement.

TwinSonic-Plus Features

  • Two independent flow meters in a one-meter body provide fiscal measurement with verification
  • Sizes 10" to 36"—larger sizes available upon request
  • ANSI class 150 to 900
  • Titanium-encapsulated, intrinsically safe transducers
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Flow profile detection with swirl and asymmetry measurement
  • Diagnostic detection of liquid and dirt build-up
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure drop
  • Bi-directional measurement
  • SonicExplorer PC Software for configuration, diagnostics, and health care
  • OIML R137-1 compliant (fiscal meter)
  • AGA 9 compliant
  • MID approved (fiscal meter)


  • DSL range extender for high-speed, long-distance TCP/IP communication
  • Pressure sensors for Reynolds corrections
  • Retraction tool for transducer exchange “under pressure”

Ultrasonic Meter Applications

Media: Natural gas

  • Custody transfer
  • Gas exploration, gas transmission, gas distribution