Q.Sonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Q.Sonic ultrasonic flow meter uses patented reflection paths for the highest accuracy. The Elster-Instromet Q.Sonic is a line of multi-path meters for natural gas custody transfer which includes three-, four-, and five-path meters.

Q.Sonic ultrasonic meter for gas

The Elster-Instromet multi-path Q.Sonic is a line of ultrasonic gas flow meters with each model designed to meet the operational demand.

  • The Q.Sonic-3 is a three-path industry-standard custody transfer meter.
  • The Q.Sonic.4 exceeds standards and is designed for short upstream lengths, common with offshore applications and measurement and regulation stations.
  • The Q.Sonic.5 has the highest standard, and because of the unique path pattern, it gives the most reliable diagnostic data to maintain the lowest uncertainty.

The patented measuring path arrangement, advanced sensors, and digital signal processing allow high accuracy and excellent long-time stability.

The meter’s flow profile analysis allows abandoning the use of a flow conditioner (see straight run requirements).

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Features & Benefits

Q.Sonic Features

  • No moving parts
  • No pressure drop
  • Large turndown ratio
  • Bi-directional
  • ISO CD17089 compliant
  • AGA-9 compliant
  • Highest noise immunity
  • Flow profile detection
  • Highest repeatability
  • CMB signal processing
  • Swirl and asymmetry detection
  • Reflective technology

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Technical Data

Q.Sonic - ultrasonic flow measurement with added value:

  • Single and double reflection technology combined to 3-path, 4-path, or 5-path meters
  • Metrological identification of flow profile
  • High stability by digital signal processing (CMB)
  • Bi-directional use
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Excellent long-time stability
  • No moving parts, wear-free measurement
  • No pressure drop
  • Under pressure, exchangeable ultrasonic transducers
  • Design per ISO standard CD17089
  • Design per AGA-9 report
  • Housing material steel A333/ A350, P355, special steel A316L, extra materials possible
  • Pressure ratings: ASME 150 / 300 / 600 / 900, higher pressure ratings respectively DIN-flanges (PN) on request
  • Approvals amongst others: PTB, NMI, GHOST, CMI
  • ATEX Ex II 2 G
  • Length of undisturbed upstream pipe:
    • without flow conditioner 10D
    • with flow conditioner 5D

Ultrasonic Meter Applications

Media: Natural gas

  • Custody transfer
  • Gas exploration, gas transmission, gas distribution