Panels for Laboratories

Panels for Laboratories

The utility controller is a device that controls various utility services within the science classroom, college and university laboratories, even research, and medical facilities. The services that can be regulated by the device are water, natural gas, and electric. This is a safety mechanism for emergency utility shut-offs.

American Gas Safety

American Gas Safety is the manufacturer of the Merlin utility controller designed for kitchens, science labs, boiler houses and any application where precise control of gas, water and electricity is required. The Merlin panels incorporate electronically actuated solenoid valves, pressure transducers and a variety of gas sensor options into a user-friendly package. These UL certified panels come in three different models, each with unique capabilities to fit varying applications. With their sleek design and a wide range of optional accessories, there is no job these units cannot handle.


The 1000S is designed specifically for laboratories. This control panel uses a pressure transducer to monitor continuously gas pressure in the system. This diagnostic capability ensures that the gas pressure stays at a desirable level, protecting students, faculty and property. If the pressure is found to be below what is acceptable, whether at startup or during operation, the solenoid valve on the main gas line will close and will eventually need to be reset manually. The unit also comes with a "time-out" function that permits the user to set the desired time (2, 6 or 8 hours) for automatic shut off. In addition to the low pressure and "time out" shut off, this panel can also be wired to one of four sensors (carbon dioxide, natural gas, carbon monoxide and LPG). If the chosen gas reaches a hazardous level, the sensor is tripped, and the solenoid will close. As an added level of protection, the system requires a key to be reset. This unit also comes standard with fire alarm input that will shut off gas if a fire alarm is tripped.


The Merlin 1000S+ offers all of the features of the 1000S with the added benefit of electrical isolation. The isolation feature is designed to isolate any electrical circuit. The panel will give a visual LED indicator if the circuit is functioning properly. This unit will also permit the user to select which system they would like to activate upon start-up (gas, electric or both).


The Merlin 1000SW+ offers all of the features of the Merlin S and Merlin S+ but integrates water isolation. This is the ideal panel for laboratories that require control of the water supply. As with the S+, the SW+ allows the user to select which systems they would like to activate upon start up.

Merlin 1000Si Gas Isolation 

The Merlin 1000Si is a gas isolation utility controller permitting the classroom instructor to control the gas available to the laboratory at any given time. It also integrates built-in safety features to protect the class, its students and the property. The Merlin 1000Si range controls the gas source using a key switch and also features variable timeout functions. The controller also allows to connect to existing fire alarm and building management systems. The Merlin 1000Si is easy to install and operate with its intuitive system status panel and labelled PCB.

Merlin 1000S+i Gas & Electric Isolation 

The Merlin 1000S+i is a gas isolation utility controller with built-in electrical isolation to control all bench sockets in the classroom. The key switch operation of the panel ensures the operator has full control over the class. This model includes all the functions of the 1000Si, along with the Merlin 1000S+i builds on the quality of the range, with its clear-cut LED status display, lockable switches and the Time Out feature to ensure full protection for the students and property. The labelled PCB and low voltage connections for sensors and existing fire alarms permit easy installation.

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