Marker Posts for Marking Underground Utilities

Marker Posts | Utility MarkersRhino Marking & Protection Systems provide innovative marking products; marker posts and utility markers to protect underground utilities, people and the environment.

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems provides innovative marking products to protect underground utilities, people and the environment. Rhino is a leader in the damage prevention industry and revolutionized the industry when introducing the TriView marking post in 1997, which offers 360 degree visibility.

The Rhino TriView Marking System's patented design provides 360° visibility, as well as superior functionality you won't find in any other damage prevention marking product.

The Rhino TriView Pedestal Utility Marker is an innovative method which offers 360-degree visibility to existing pedestals needing sign restoration or new utility pedestal installations.

The RhinoDome™ is a polyethylene marking post with a high visibility dome top. It can be used as a test station or a vent pipe cover.

The Rhino Fiberglass Utility Marker is a fiber reinforced post, which will not rust, rot or corrode. It is available in 2-1/2" and 4" widths.

The Hybrid 3-Rail Post combines the benefits of using plastic and fiberglass in a post and presents a post that doesn't splinter. It's also available in standard widths of 2-1/2" and 4" widths.

The FiberCurve Utility Marker Post is a fiberglass composite with PolyTech coating, offering noticeable fade resistance. The marking post is available in 4" width.

PlastiCurve posts are durable utility markers that are unaffected by extreme heat or cold. They are available in 3-7/8" width.

The PathMarker is manufactured with an impact resistant polymer plastic. The marker does not fade or become brittle, and resists gunshot damage.

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