CP HideOut – An Underground Cathodic Protection Test Station

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Rhino has introduced the HideOut, an underground (CP) cathodic protection test station that offers excellent visibility, is durable, locatable, and installs flush with the ground eliminating mower interference.

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Rhino HideOut CP

Rhino has provided damage prevention and cathodic protection systems for underground utilities since 1990. The company is a leader in the industry. Its employees serve on the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), a member-driven organization committed to preventing damage to underground utilities by advocating adequate cathodic protection and damage prevention practices.

Those in the industry understand the importance of cathodic protection, which offers a sacrificial metal to perform as an anode, indirectly protecting the pipeline from corrosion. The brain of this electrochemical cell is the test station, and with that in mind, using a trusted test box is essential.

Rhino HideOut Test Station Underground Cathodic Protection Test Cathodic Protection Test Station

The Rhino HideOut is a low-profile 24″ flush-mounted test station, providing lawnmowers to do their job with ease yet delivering a highly visible warning message. Its design permits easy access to the wires when attached to the sliding terminal board. The test station is easily locatable as it comes with a steel plate beneath the cap. The locking cap comes punched with a unique anchor system permitting it to lock into the ground in various soil conditions.

The product is highly durable as it is made of RhinoPoly and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° to +150° F. The rugged 7″ round cap with a warning message is fade and impact-resistant and UV stable.

The HideOut comes with standard legends for each utility type: cable, gas, fiber optic, natural gas, sewer, or water. It can also be customized to include your company’s message, which would be hot stamped into the plastic, which does not scratch, peel, or fade for at least ten years. There are other art and plate charges for custom legends.

The HideOut comes standard with two internal terminals. Additional terminals, custom hardware, or the Rhino LocatePlate are optional.

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For more information on the HideOut, visit underground corrosion protection test stations.

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