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Dualco now offers a SCADA-Operated Lubrication Unit (S.O.L.U.), which is a portable digital interface intended for a remote operation to maintain proper lube levels in lubricated valves.

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The new Dualco S.O.L.U. 12100 (SCADA-Operated Lubrication Unit) provides accurate, real-time documentation on valve lubrication, and can be operated remotely from a car, truck, or trailer.

Features and BeneDualco SCADA-Operated Lubrication Unit (S.O.L.U.) | Valve Greaser fits

Dualco, the manufacturer of valve lubrication equipment, focuses on improving valve maintenance and repairs by tackling the issues associated with improper or inadequate lubrication, which attributes to over half of the valve failures. By improving valve operation, downtime from failures decreases, increasing profits and productivity, and by maintaining the equipment better, the useful life of the valves should rise. Improved functionality leads to improved efficiency, and lowers labor expenses and waste in grease, which improved environmental impact.

The S.O.L.U. can either be stationary or portable and delivers accurate real-time volume readout reports. It records and displays wellbore pressures during maintenance. It runs automatically and will shut down once the valve cavity (or void) is full of lubricant (or sealant). The S.O.L.U. eliminates the need for a second person to operate the grease pump. It is programmable to accommodate various valve sizes and working pressures.


While the S.O.L.U. is used in many other applications, the system is designed explicitly for grease ball and plug valves for wellheads, oil and gas pipelines, offshore platforms refineries, manifolds, fracturing processes, and industrial sites.

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