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Gas Meters for Sale! At Linc Energy Systems, we sell an assortment of gas meters and natural gas flow meters to accommodate various applications. We represent the finest manufacturers of diaphragm gas meters, rotary gas meters, thermal mass meters, and ultrasonic meters.

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These meters serve specific applications, and here are some insights for each of the meter types.

Diaphragm Gas Meters

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The diaphragm gas meter is a popular device used in residential and light commercial billing applications by the natural gas distributor. The meter is also used in submetering. It is a positive displacement meter, and the gas flows into an inlet that has as an oscillating diaphragm. The compartment fills and displaces to the outlet, and each revolution of the diaphragm defines the flow rate.

This meter measures volumetric flow. It is inexpensive and has a long life expectancy. Among the limitations are that the meter has moving parts and requires periodic maintenance. Gas cleanliness also needs to be considered when using this meter. This style meter is usually used in small pipes with low flow rates. It is very accurate for volumetric flow but to achieve mass flow, pressure, and temperature compensation is required.

At Linc Energy Systems, we represent the Itron diaphragm gas meter, and for more information, visit Itron Diaphragm Gas Meter.

Rotary Gas Meters

The rotary gas meter is also a positive displacement and volumetric flow meter. It is recognized for its accuracy and is used in utility billing for higher volume and higher pressure industrial and commercial applications, as well as submetering. As the diaphragm meter, it has moving parts, so the meter requires periodic maintenance, and gas cleanliness needs to be considered. While the meter is very accurate, if corrected gas flow is desired, pressure and temperature compensation are required.

We represent Honeywell Ester.

Gas Meters for Sale | Natural Gas Flow Meters |Distributor

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The thermal mass flow meter measures gas mass flow, not volumetric flow. It uses the heat-conducting or thermal properties of the gas to compute the measurement. This mass flow meter functions in a wide array of industrial applications, environmental applications, and natural gas flow measurement in non-custody transfer applications. The meter is used to measure the gas flow of known gas composition, and it cannot measure steam. The meter excels in low flow applications and has a quick response time.

We represent the Sage Metering thermal mass flow meter, which has an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of full scale and +/- 1% of reading. More information is available at Sage Metering Thermal Mass Flow Meters.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

The ultrasonic flow meter is a device that calculates the volumetric flow of a fluid. They can be used in every phase of the natural gas system from movement, storage, and use, though the meter excels at custody transfer (fiscal metering). The device measures the difference in transit time of pulses traveling from a downstream transducer to the upstream transducer, compared to the time from the upstream transducer back to the downstream sensor. The meter is extremely accurate, has a high turndown ratio and excellent rangeability, however, they are very expensive. The slightest inaccuracy also can negatively impact the bottom line of the process.

Turbine Meters

Honeywell Elster turbine meters accurately and reliably measure gas consumption in gas distribution, transmission, industrial plants, and business operators. The Honeywell meters have a track record for a long useful lifetime.

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