Tracer Wire for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Tracer Wire for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Pro-Line Safety Products manufactures PRO-TRACE HDD copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire for both open trench and directional boring installations.


The PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45 locating wire is extra high strength to withstand damage from pipe pulling equipment, elements, sharp objects and from harsh environments. The tracer wire is almost 700% stronger than copper wire. What this means is the installer only needs one wire of PRO-TRACE HDD rather than the 2-5 copper wires to prevent breakage. This HDD tracer wire provides the perfect balance of ductility, strength, and brittleness to ensure durability. When using one wire of 12, 10, or 8 AWG HDD-CCS the installer can achieve significant savings, along with equal signal strength and corrosion resistance of copper wire. There is also much greater price stability of the CCS wire than copper wire, and it has no scrap value, discouraging thieves from theft and property damage.

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Tracer Wire Horizontal Directional Drilling by Pro-Line Safety