Pulse Transmitter 210

The Mercury 210 Pulse Transmitter transmits uncorrected volume to a remote location some gas meters when an instrument-mounting facility is equipped.

Pulse Transmitter 210
Honeywell Mercury Instruments Pulse Transmitter 210 is designed for use with a turbine, rotary, and diaphragm gas meters equipped with an instrument-mounting facility. It transmits uncorrected volume to a remote location, utilizing a magnetically operated reed switch to produce one pulse for each revolution of the meter output drive. The Model 210 is self-contained and can be used by itself on the meter. It also has an instrument drive output and can be used in conjunction with a chart recorder or correcting device which can be mounted on top of it. The Pulse Transmitter is bidirectional, with no internal gears and no index. Torque load on the meter is less than 0.5-inch ounces.

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