Pressure Recorder

The Honeywell Mercury pressure recorder is available in 8-inch and 12-inch charts for pressure ranges of 0-10″ water column to 0-5000 PSI.

Pressure Recorders
Honeywell Mercury Pressure Recorders are available in 8-inch and 12-inch chart recorders for pressure ranges from 0-10 inches of water to 0-5,000 pounds per square inch. Vacuums to 30 inches of mercury are also available.

Up to three pens can be installed in either the 8-inch or 12-inch recorder. Calibration to metric units of pressure can be made. Pressure recorders come in-wall, flush, pedestal, or pipe-stand mount and also portable configurations.

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Features & Benefits

Pressure Recorders

Each pressure element is manufactured by Mercury Instruments to precise specifications using the highest quality materials, beryllium copper or 316 stainless steel. Each element deflects 22 1/2 degrees for the design range, is carefully made, heat-treated and cold-worked to remove all hysteresis. The accuracy of each pressure recorder is +/-1/2 chart graduation.


The valve and test fitting is provided with each pressure element. Solid door, tamper-proof case, and double-latch bar with padlock-type handle are also provided (811-S and 812-S have clasp closure for the padlock).

  • 800 series recorders use an 8-inch diameter chart, 6 3/8" arch radius.
  • 700 series recorders use 12-inch diameter chart, 9 7/16" arc radius single-pen, or, in some models, the 8-inch chart, 6 3/8" arc radius two-pen.
  • 1200 series recorders use 12-inch Mi chart, 6 3/8" arc radius.

Note: Recorders can also be calibrated to a 10-inch diameter chart and another arc radius.

Replacement Charts are also available.