GAZOSCAN Remote Methane Gas Detector

GAZOSCAN Remote Methane Gas Detector

The GAZOSCAN™ handheld methane gas detector by GAZOMAT™ uses laser technology for remote methane leak detection.

Remote Methane Gas Detector
The GAZOSCAN is ultralight, highly sensitive (5 PPM) and selective to methane, and so there are no false alarms even in the presence of other hydrocarbons. This methane leak detector detects through glass, unlike other competitive alternatives and can sense over 60% more distance than competing options. Additionally, the GAZOSCAN is all contained in a single pistol weighing less than 2 pounds and does not require a bulky electronic box. The unit is easy to use, has a large LCD, intuitive controls to set alarm thresholds, and responds fast (0.1 seconds).

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Features and Benefits

  • Highly sensitive (5 ppm)
  • Methane selective – no false alarm
  • Quick response time (0.1s)
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can detect through glass
  • Up to 160 feet detection distance

Easy to Use and Quick Response

  • 0.1s response time
  • Large LCD screen
  • Configurable alarm threshold
  • Visual and audio alarms


Download the GAZOSCAN brochure.


The GAZOSCAN can detect at distances up to 160 feet and through glass, making it ideal when the technician cannot operate close to an inspection area, such as:

  • Natural gas inspection of residential buildings and properties
  • Gas leak inspection of natural gas pipelines
  • Methane leak inspection on gas containers