EASY INSPECTRA Methane Detector

Methane Detector for Mobile and Walking

Convert your ATV or compact electric vehicle into the ideal leak-survey vehicle for city areas with the GAZOMAT EASY INSPECTRA™.

EASY INSPECTRA™ Methane Detector
When installed in an ATV or compact electric vehicle, the EASY INSPECTRA™ transforms a vehicle into the ultimate leak-survey vehicle for leak detection of natural gas pipelines in densely populated urban areas. Any small ergonomic vehicle that permits easy access to busy downtown areas when equipped with GAZOMAT equipment can offer the flexibility of moving from a mobile to a walking leak survey on the fly for uninterrupted detection of gas leaks.

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Benefits of an EASY INSPECTRA-Converted Vehicle

  • Easy access to city center and pedestrian areas
  • Maneuverable to accommodate tight areas
  • Geolocation system (GPS and mapping) for full traceability
  • Advanced laser spectroscopy analyzer with 1 ppm detection threshold
  • The EASY INSPECTRA™ system is a simple and powerful tool that complements GAZOMAT's INSPECTRA® LASER analyzer with GPS Tablet and NGS software. By combining these tools, a seamless system of uninterrupted leak survey is accomplished.

Mobile Leak Survey

The EASY INSPECTRA-converted vehicle is maneuverable and permits a single operator easy access to busy city streets. By surveying in this manner, the operator can cover larger areas which increase productivity and becomes a cost-effective alternative to an all-walking survey. The system adapts quickly to compact vehicles such as ATVs.

mobile leak surveyWalking Detection

A specially equipped backpack containing the INSPECTRA LASER and GPS Tablet, stored within the compact vehicle, allows the operator to transition to a walking survey within seconds when the driver is unable to proceed with the vehicle. This shift on the fly allows an uninterrupted survey path. The equipment is user-friendly and set up with Bluetooth® communications.

The Ultra Flexible System

In addition to the EASY INSPECTRA and your vehicle, the following components make up a system for uninterrupted methane gas leak survey for urbanized settings:

  • Methane selectivity
  • 1 PPM sensitivity
  • Bluetooth® communication
Backpack for Walking Surveys
  • Ergonomic backpack with dedicated tablet space
  • High visibility (fluorescent color)
  • Bluetooth® communication GPS receiver
Tablet with Bluetooth®
  • Touchscreen
  • High-resolution display
  • Rugged
  • Bluetooth® communication
NGS Software
  • Geolocation of survey
  • Capacity to import pipeline maps
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Ability to export the survey path to the GIS system (Geographic Information System)
  • Fully automated instrumentation control

EASY INSPECTRA Specifications

Download the EASY INSPECTRA™ brochure.

Gas Leak Survey Vehicle Methane Detector EASY INSPECTRA