NGS – Gas Network Survey Software

NGS Methane Detection

The NGS is gas distribution network software that integrates GAZOMAT leak detectors and GPS system for optimized pipeline leak detection management.

Natural Gas Pipeline Leak Survey Software

The NGS monitoring software integrates GAZOMAT™ INSPECTRA® gas detectors, both vehicle, and portable models, and a powerful GPS navigation system to offer ease of use for the detection equipment and optimized pipeline leak detection management.

  • Optimized traceability of gas pipeline leak surveys
  • Optional map updating
  • Real-time view of the circuit/path

The NGS software controlling both the measurement instrumentation and the geolocation equipment permits the user to monitor a pipeline by foot or vehicle in three different modes:

  1. The "free round" mode allows the user to monitor and define the circuit/path by the survey.
  2. A "resumption" mode permits the user to resume an earlier survey in the spot the investigation had previously ended.
  3. A "predefined" circuit/path relies on an existing survey file. If the file does not exist it will be created when the path is completed or resumed.

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Easy to Use

The NGS is flexible and user-friendly, permitting the operator to obtain the survey in electronic or printed with traceability from automatic logging of gas leaks detected and their associated GPS coordinates.


The software adapts to the local language and operates with GPS type background maps from the corresponding country and can be supplemented with specific information (such as pipeline maps, pressure regulator stations, land registry maps).

Simplified Interface

The simplified and user-friendly interface provides a real-time view of the maps and the pipeline network. It permits the user to add notes about the survey and automatically receive error and gas-leak messages.

Reports and Gas Leak Indication Made Easy

At the end of each survey, the NGS software creates a report with pertinent information (user's name, location, route, weather conditions, events recorded during the investigation) and an individual report on each indication of a gas leak with the corresponding map view and GPS coordinates.

A dynamic 3D view of the circuit and measured gas concentrations is possible under Google Earth.

Note: NGS software requires the installation of Google Earth beforehand.

NGS integrates with the GAZOMAT vehicle and portable leak detectors; the VSR INSPECTRA®, EASY INSPECTRA™, and the INSPECTRA® LASER.

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