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Tom is a former engineer for Xcel Energy, where he designed gas meter and regulator applications. He has also worked for mechanical contractors and engineering firms approving gas meters and regulators in various applications. He currently manages the Linc Energy Meter and Regular Department and is working on flare gas measurement.

Jeffrey Cox is the Vice President of  Linc Energy Systems. With more than 25 years of industry experience, and specializing in natural gas measurement, volume correction and data acquisition he adds his voice to the Linc Energy Blog by writing about natural gas flow measurement and control. Jeff has been in a leadership role since 2004.

Whitney Price works in Sales and Marketing for Rhino Marking and Protection Systems. She is a member of the Minnesota Regional CGA and serves as the Special Events Task Team Chair. Whitney helped establish the National 811 Run Toolkit and assisted with the MN 811 Runs. She has written articles for Damage Prevention Professional and was named Damage Prevention Hero in the fall 2013 issue.

Susan Bender started selling to the natural gas industry in 1980. In 1990 she founded Linc Energy Systems, where she remains as President and CEO. She attributes her success to her philosophy, “The customer is king (or queen),” which remains part of her company’s mission.

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