Squeeze Off Tool

Squeeze Off Tool

Footage Tools squeeze off tools permit the operator to provide a quick emergency shutoff of polyethylene gas lines, without damaging the pipe making rapid squeeze-offs.

Hydraulic and Mechanical Tools

We offer Footage Tools manual and hydraulic squeeze off tools featuring positive locking, indexable gauge plates for ease in pipe size and SDR selection which ensures a proper squeeze. Additionally, the Footage Tools offer a unique lock-in/swing-out bottom bar permitting quick and easy access to the pipe, even in confined spaces. On most Footage Tools the squeeze bars are CNC machined to ensure the precise specifications using aircraft grade aluminum. The hydraulic models feature lock-down bolts on both sides of the squeeze bar so that the squeeze continues even when the hydraulics are removed. The manual models feature a torque bar to allow maximum leverage and can be detached to accommodate tighter applications. Lastly, all squeeze tools include a grounding spike to protect the operator and device from static discharge.

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Manual Squeeze-Off Tool

  • manual squeeze off toolPictured above is the C100 manual squeeze-off tool.Available in 1/2″ to 4″
  • Appropriate for PE 2406 and PE-100 material various SDRs
  • Indexable rotating gauge plates
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Multiple size capability in one tool


  • Available in 1″ to 12″
  • Suitable for MDPE and HDPE with different SDRs
  • Indexable rotatable gauge plates
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Dual-stage hydraulic hand pumps
  • Multiple size capability in one tool
Squeeze Off Tool | Footage Tools