GPL Z9000

GPL odorant injection system

Please note that the GPL Z9000 has been replaced by the GPL 750 Odorant Injection System.

Natural Gas Odorizer

The GPL Z9000 offers unmatched simplicity and ease-of-use as every action is intuitive and predictable. It is a proven system that works reliably in many problematic areas including major cities with seasonal winter weather hazardous conditions. The Z9000 performs consistently and repeatedly with minimal downtime, and because of its extensive communication features, it can accommodate even remote locations. Virtually every part of the injector can be handled remotely. Plus, having only two moving parts exposed to the odorant, maintenance and operation are simple. Its simplicity, ease of operation and small footprint that make the Z9000 ideal for urban city gates as well as remote gas well applications. It is also ideal for sites where flow rates vary widely, whether daily or seasonally, as it can switch from automatic to batch mode at a user-defined gas flow rate.

The GPL Z9000 is direct injection natural gas odorizer that uses differential pressure to force the odorant into a gas stream. The beauty is that it is a self-contained, ventless sealed system, making it environmentally friendly as there is no gas discharged.

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About GPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers (formerly Sentry Equipment and Zeck Systems) manufactures eco-friendly odorant injection systems for natural gas and other gases.

What makes us Different

GPL Odorizers strive to provide environmentally friendly solutions to the odorization process. Our systems are self-contained and do not discharge gas into the atmosphere which improves safety, saves pipeline gas and reduces odor at the unit which equates to lower leak call complaints.

The GPL Odorizers also have fewer moving parts than the leading competitive odorization systems; meaning means less maintenance over the life of the unit.

  • odorizationAt GPL Odorizers, we believe simple is better and strive to provide planet-friendly solutions.Ventless

Improved safety
Saves pipeline gas
Environmentally friendly
Lowers leak call complaints

  • Simple and intuitive operation and maintenance
  • Only two moving parts
  • Precise whether batch or drip mode
  • Small physical footprint
  • Excellent communication for remote use
  • Accurate at varying flow rates

GPL Z9000 Brochure

12-30VDC; 75W (max)

Maximum 250 psi standard; special available

Myers Hub (2): 3/4" NPT
Actuation Gas: 1/4" NPT
Odorant Inlet: 1/4" NPT
Odorant Outlet: 1/2" Swagelok tubing fitting

Data Logging
Hourly archives; audit trail

User Interface
4 line by 20 character LCD or remote HMI computer

304 Stainless Steel

Overall Dimensions

25.24 x 15.51 x 11.22 in

Operating Temperature Range
-20 to 120˚F

Shipping Weight
Approx. 50 lbs.

Hazardous Area Classification
Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D

It is the end user's responsibility through its analysis and testing, to select products and materials suitable for their specific application requirements, ensure they are correctly installed, safely applied, adequately maintained, and limit their use to their intended purpose. Improper selection, installation, or use may result in personal injury or property damage.

odorization systemOdorization System

The GPL Z9000 is available as an odorizer or a complete odorization system that includes the odorizer, odorant tank, and containment.

Odorant tank packages, remote HMI, wireless or landline modem, odorant pressure control

GPL Z9000 has been replaced by the GPL 750 Odorizer