Z10000 Odorant Injection System

Z10000 Odorant Injection System

The Zeck Z10000 odorant injection system is now the GPL 10000. Zeck Systems originally manufactured the Z10000 odorant injection system to provide gas odorization in applications of high-pressure and high-volume applications at transmission companies. In 2010 Sentry Equipment acquired Zeck Systems, and GPL Odorizers bought the odorization product line in 2015.

Odorant Injection Systems

The Z10000 odorant injection system (Now the GPL 10000) is a full odorization system that meets the demands of virtually any pipeline application, having a 100:1 turndown ratio and 0.2% accuracy. The Z10000 is an electrically driven dual pump injection system that uses opposing reciprocating pistons that displace hydraulic fluid in a chamber fully isolated from the odorant. This displaced volume causes compression of an infinite cycle welded stainless steel bellows, which replaces an equal amount of odorant in the bellows capsule that is continuously injected into the pipeline at any pressure up to 1480 psig.

The reciprocation of the pistons is intentionally slow, never exceeding 25 rpm. By keeping piston speeds slow, pressure drops in the injector are minimized and flashing, or vaporization of fluids is prevented.

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Odorizer Principles of Operation:

  • natural-gas-odorizationSentry Equipment Z10000Electrically driven and hydraulically isolated dual stainless steel bellows pumps allow for safe and accurate dosing of the odorant without fear of seal failure or need for odorant-side maintenance.
  • Low-speed continuous dosing performance and low blanket pressure requirements (15–30 psig) assures even odorant distribution in the pipeline and virtually eliminates the possibility of vapor lock.
  • Since no pipeline gas is used to actuate the injector, no discharge of gas takes place, eliminating environmental concerns, improving safety, and saving pipeline gas.
  • Includes 10-micron odorant filter mounted to the enclosure
  • Automatic system shut-off for low odorant supply pressure


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