GAZOMAT Gas Detector

Linc Energy Systems represents the GAZOMAT™ gas detector, natural gas leak detector, and leak detection equipment, including the VSR INSPECTRA®, EASY INSPECTRA™, INSPECTRA® LASER, GAZOTRACK™4, NGMesh and NGS gas network survey software.

Natural Gas Leak Detector

GAZOMAT has over 25 years in business and an innovative product line providing user-friendly gas detection instrumentation.

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The GAZOSCAN™ handheld remote methane leak detector by GAZOMAT™ uses laser technology and the next-gen model is now available.

The GAZOTRACK™4 is an optical natural gas leak detector using NDIR (nondispersive infrared) sensors to detect hydrocarbons, and electrochemical sensors to discern toxic and combustible gases.

The GAZOMAT™ INSPECTRA® LASER is a high-performance methane gas detector that quickly and precisely measures methane gas leaks and determines the locations. The portable gas detector is ATEX certified, permitting use in hazardous explosive areas.

Surveying underground natural gas pipelines from your vehicle just got easier with the GAZOMAT™ VSR INSPECTRA®. This exclusive laser spectroscopy detector, when mounted to your vehicle, in combination with the NGS software, makes the system an innovative and efficient tool to meet productivity, reliability and traceability requirements of operators surveying low- and medium-pressure pipelines.

Convert your ATV or compact electric vehicle into the ideal leak-survey vehicle for city areas with the GAZOMAT EASY INSPECTRA™.

The GAZOMAT NGMesh is a methane monitoring system providing 24/7 tracking, on-site surveys, reports and data storage for natural gas operators.

The NGS is gas distribution network software that integrates GAZOMAT leak detectors and GPS system for optimized pipeline leak detection management.