Commercial & Industrial Regulators

Itron offers affordable and precision equipment for commercial and industrial gas regulation. The gas regulators offer internal monitor and relief options to provide the optimal degree of safety to control gas flow. Itron regulators are used in designs of gas engines, burners, furnaces, boilers and burner trains. They are used in applications where safety or overpressure protection is required, such as schools and hospitals, and used in utility "Fixed Factor" metering.

The Itron B34 natural gas regulator is used in many commercial and industrial applications, such as gas engines, burners, furnaces, and boilers.

The Itron B34S Medium Duty Commercial and Industrial Gas Regulator is an excellent choice for mid-range commercial and industrial applications.

The Itron B38 commercial & industrial regulator is the right solution for those applications where inches of water column (or pounds) is desired, such as utility services, gas engines, burner trains, furnaces, and boilers.

The B531 is ideal for light to medium commercial service where high-degrees of safety or overpressure protection are required, such as schools and hospitals.

B838 regulators are ideal for high capacity gas flow (1,000 to 40,000 CFH), and provides savings versus traditional parallel set or prefabricated design.

The Itron CL231 regulator is ideal for mid-sized commercial and industrial applications requiring very accurate pressure regulation.

CL31 regulators are designed for utility "Fixed Factor" metering of small loads and industrial heating equipment requiring constant high burner pressures.

The Itron CL34 gas regulator is ideal for commercial and industrial applications, involving "fixed-factor" metering or large boiler and furnace installations.

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