Ultrasonic Flow Meter

We offer two brands of ultrasonic flow meters for different applications, the Honeywell Elster-Instromet, and the Itron OpenWay® Riva Intelis. Ultrasonic gas meters are ideal for regulating processes, particularly taxing applications, and for measuring combustible and noncombustible gases.

The Elster-Instromet ultrasonic flow meter is an electronic measuring device that has no mechanical moving parts and responds immediately to flow changes with no pressure loss.

The OpenWay® Riva Intelis is a compact residential ultrasonic gas meter with embedded communications and a safety shutoff. It is also the lightest and most compact 250 SCFH residential gas meter on the market.

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Honeywell Elster Instromet manufactures the premium ultrasonic flow meter for custody transfer and measuring natural gas flow in gathering, distribution, and transmission.

Itron manufacturers the OpenWay Riva Intelis, a revolutionary SMART gas meter design, which shifts the gas distribution network from being a one-way gas delivery mechanism to an interactive energy network that delivers gas more safely and more efficiently.