Reliable ManufacturingReliable Manufacturing Company is a woman-owned, Carroll Ohio-based company which manufactures fabricated steel meter set hardware. The owner, Emma Snodgrass, has worn many hats at the company over the years, from working on the assembly line to sales, advertising, and accounting. Larry Snodgrass is the General Manager and has been fabricating natural gas meter sets for over 24 years, making him a pioneer in this field. The company strives to provide reliable delivery, excellent quality, advanced corrosion protection, and offers innovative solutions by customizing meter sets to meet customer needs. The company can produce components for up to 2" pipe diameter.

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Meter Set Manifold

meter set and manifoldLinc Energy is a Reliable Manufacturing distributor supplying meter set hardware and meter manifolds throughout the Rocky Mountain States.Some of the products manufactured by Reliable Manufacturing include gas meter manifolds, multi-meter manifolds, prefabricated meter sets, meter stations, meter bends, meter adapters. More information available on meter-set hardware.

Distributor for Reliable Manufacturing

Linc Energy Systems is an authorized distributor for Reliable Manufacturing and represents the company in the Rocky Mountain States and surrounding area.

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