GAZOMAT-logoGAZOMAT™ is a division of ECOTEC. The company specializes in electronic gas leak detection equipment for gas distribution systems, and operator protection in hazardous environments. GAZOMAT is ISO 9001 certified and strives to be a customer-committed partner to major gas distribution companies worldwide by bringing to market advanced technology. With over 25 years in business, the GAZOMAT innovative product line provides user-friendly gas detection instrumentation that helps safely and efficiently optimize the gas distribution network.

The company manufactures both indoor and outdoor gas leak detectors, and gas network survey systems. GAZOMAT has manufacturing facilities in Colton, California and Strasbourg, France.

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GAZOMAT offers high-performance advanced detection technology for harsh conditions.

Gas Leak Survey Equipment:

VSR INSPECTRA - Leak Survey Vehicle

Transform your vehicle into the ideal mobile leak-survey vehicle with the GAZOMAT VSR INSPECTRA® system. Visit Mobile Methane Detector.

gas leak detectionEASY INSPECTRA

Convert your ATV or compact electric vehicle into the ideal leak-survey vehicle for city areas with the GAZOMAT EASY INSPECTRA™.

INSPECTRA LASER Portable - Gas Leak Detection

The INSPECTRA® LASER is a highly sensitive portable methane gas leak detector with laser spectroscopy. Visit Methane Gas Detector.

NGS Software

The NGS gas network survey software monitors the GAZOMAT gas concentration instrumentation (vehicles and portable devices), the GPS and the gas network data visualization.

GAZOSCAN - Remote Laser Gas Detector

The GAZOSCAN is ultralight, sensitive, can detect up to distances of 160 feet and through glass. It is ideal for when the technician cannot operate close to an inspection area.

Portable Gas Leak detectors

GAZOTRACK 4 - Natural Gas Detector

The GAZOTRACK™4 is an optical combustible gas detector using NDIR (nondispersive infrared) sensors to detect hydrocarbons, and electrochemical sensors to discern toxic and odorant gases. Visit Combustible Gas Detector.

Gas Facility Monitoring


NGMesh is a methane emission monitoring system to ensure regulatory compliance. Visit Methane Emissions Monitor.