flow meter groupThe FMG series of rotary meters is ideal for custody transfer gas measurement of non-corrosive gases including natural gas and propane. Typical applications include gas distribution in low, medium and high-pressure lines, industrial applications and master meters for test benches.

Flow Meter Group

FLOW METER GROUP B.V. (FMG) specializes in the development and production of energy and gas measurement systems. The company's headquarters is in the Netherlands and manufactures an extensive range of rotary gas meters, turbine meters, volume conversion devices, master meters, and calibration benches. Among the unique features of their products are self-diagnosis and tamper prevention. The Dutch NMi certifies all FMG rotary meters and services and complies with the latest EU and OIML directives.

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FMG rotary gas meterRotary Gas Meters

The FMG rotary gas meter is a positive displacement gas meter. The measurement is performed by two figure 8-shaped impellers (rotors) rotating within a measurement compartment. During a full rotation of the rotors, a fixed volume displaces from the inlet to the outlet of the meter. The number of revolutions denotes the quantity passed. The volume displays on a direct read counter type index. Several low and high-frequency pulsers may be used for flow computing or control purposes.

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Rotary Meter Distributor

Linc Energy Systems is an authorized distributor for the FMG rotary gas meters. We service the Rocky Mountain and the Western States. We inventory a wide selection of products to provide just-in-time shipments to satisfy our customers' needs. Call us today at (303) 697-6701 to discuss your natural gas flow measurement requirements.

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