3M Locating Equipment

3M Dynatel underground locating equipment and markers

3M Dynatel underground pipe locator equipment and electronic markers locate below ground utilities, locate faults, and interface with GPS for mapping underground utilities.

Underground Locating Equipment

3M Dynatel offers a complete line of products for damage prevention, marking, locating and mapping underground utilities. Their systems begin with 3M Dynatel locator equipment which is intuitive, easy to use and can be used to locate 3M electronic markers, trace pipe and cable wire, provide accurate depth measurements, locate faults, locate buried electronic markers, or read/write to 3M iD Markers and interface with GPS instruments for mapping underground utilities.

3M Dynatel Underground Locating Equipment

3M Dynatel manufactures a variety of locating equipment designed to meet each customer’s needs. The underground locators are available in a variety of configurations from fully featured/advanced to basic cable avoidance systems.

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Underground Pipe Locators

M Series – is an advanced locator which detects the path and estimates the depth of underground utilities, specifically pipes and cables. Some models are also fault detectors.

iD Series – is an advanced utility locator which detects all EMS electronic markers and reads/writes to iD markers. In addition to cable and pipe locating some models are also fault locators.

2200 Series – is a line of basic locators which detect cable and pipe, and one model also is a fault locator.

1420-iD EMS Locators – detects electronic markers

Underground Locators

3M Dynatel Underground Pipe Locator Equipment