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methane detector

The GAZOMAT™ INSPECTRA® LASER is a high-performance methane gas detector that quickly and precisely measures methane gas leaks and determines the locations. The portable gas detector is ATEX certified, permitting use in hazardous explosive areas.

Methane Gas Detector with Laser Technology

  • Total methane selectivity
  • 1 ppm sensitivity
  • Instant response time
  • Measurement range extending from 1 ppm to 100 % volume gas

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Total Methane Selectivity

Using a laser diode adjusted to the particular absorption wavelength of methane, the INSPECTRA® LASER detects only methane, even in the presence of other hydrocarbons, chemicals, water vapors, and pollution.

A sensitivity of 1 ppm

telescoping-rod-cThe NEW sampling rod has a quick-connect coupling permitting quick and easy connection to any of the three sampling modules to fit any field configuration.The detector uses the Herriot-type multi-pass cell enabling the sensor to achieve sensitivity down to 1 ppm.

Unique measuring precision

  • Two measurement ranges:
    • PPM (0 ppm to 10,000 ppm)
    • Gas concentration (0% to 100 % volume)
  • Simultaneously displays both measurement ranges
  • Speedy response time
  • Two sampling speeds: 9.2 gals US/hour and 18.5 gals US/hour)

Available in Three Models

  • Non-ATEX (0 ppm to 10,000 ppm)
  • Non-ATEX (0 ppm to 100% vol. gas)
  • ATEX (0 ppm to 100% vol. gas)

Easy to Use

  • Automatic self-test at start-up
  • A wide backlit LCD screen
  • Visual and audio indicators (battery level, pump status, alarm on/off, the risk of explosion)
  • Access to standard and advanced functions with keypad and scrolling menu
  • Software dialogue window
  • Four measurement ranges with Autoscale function
  • Choice of measurement mode (absolute or relative concentration (running mean))
  • Long battery life (eight hours at 68° F (ATEX version)

Methane Gas Detector Specifications

Download the Methane Gas Detector brochure.

Download the Telescoping Sampling Rod brochure.

Accessories and Add-Ons

gas detection assesoriesAccessories include an extended sampling rod, telescopic sampling rod, filters, charger, and rechargeable battery pack. For a complete list of accessories and add-ons refer to the brochure in Specifications.

GPS Tablet

The GPS Tablet running the NGS Survey Software permits total traceability of mobile (on foot) inspections. The device allows the operator to retain an electronic record of his or her operations, including:

  • The positioning of leaks detected on a map
  • Methane concentrations
  • Comments made by the worker during inspection

Inspection reports may be created identifying location, date and time, leakage numbers, levels, weather conditions, and operator comments.

Scope of Applications

The ATEX model is for hazardous atmospheres (both indoors and outdoors) and measures natural gas concentrations (methane only) in applications of:

  • Leak Surveys
  • Detecting and pinpointing gas leaks
  • Monitoring natural gas compressor stations
  • Measurements in laboratories

The Non-ATEX model is for outdoor use only and limited to areas presenting no risk of the presence of explosive gases. The design is suitable for applications requiring natural gas concentration measurements (methane only), such as monitoring natural methane emissions (e.g. geology, volcanology).

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