GAZOMAT NGMesh - Methane Emissions Monitor

methane emissions monitor

The GAZOMAT NGMesh is a methane monitoring system providing 24/7 tracking, on-site surveys, reports and data storage for natural gas operators.

CH4 Leak Detection
To remain compliant with regulations as well as keep natural gas facilities safe and productive it is critical to detect methane leaks. The NGMesh Web enterprise system includes all hardware and software for methane leak monitoring and detection. With the NGMesh system, operators can detect leaks and get immediate automatic alerts so that the operator can take appropriate mitigation measures. With this innovative system, as soon as an alert is received, the relevant on-site staff can be deployed to pinpoint and repair the leak, which reduces safety risks, greenhouse gas emissions, and product loss. GAZOMAT offers simple pricing models making it easy to implement the methane leak detection system.

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Methane Leak Detection Web Enterprise SystemThe GAZOMAT NGMesh is a comprehensive solution for methane emissions monitoring and regulatory compliance for natural gas operators.System Features

  • 24/7 methane and VOC leak detection, with automatic notifications and alerts, and on-site leak detection survey capability in a single system
  • GAZPODs have a built-in cellular wireless network connection (no Wi-Fi network connection required)
  • Web application enables simple facility management, 24/7 leak monitoring, leak detection survey scheduling, and data review
  • Automated methane-leak-survey-report creation for company quality control and regulatory compliance
  • No additional software to install; web-based software runs on most web browsers

Selective Methane Detection

The NGMesh relies upon the proven GAZOMAT laser-based methane leak detection technology utilized in the natural gas fugitive emissions industry over 20 years. Combining the technology with a turnkey enterprise system functionality delivers continuous leak monitoring and on-site leak detection.

  • The GAZPOD, using the GAZOMAT laser spectroscopy technology, is the sensing unit installed at the facility that offers continuous methane and VOC leak detection. It is solar powered, wireless, small and light; fundamentally easy to install and move to match monitoring needs of any gas facility.
  • The INSPECTRA® LASER measurement device is a highly sensitive portable detector for leak detection surveys and meets EPA Method 21 requirements. The instrument connects to the NGMesh mobile app for automatic data logging and transfer.

Laser Technology Features

  • Total methane selectivity with sensitivity below 1 ppm
  • GAZOSURVEY mobile app automatically sends the readings to the enterprise system
  • Wide measurement range, from 1 ppm to 100% gas volume
  • Operates in all weather conditions


For more information on the system details, pod sensor platform, the leak pinpointing instrument and specifications, download the NGMesh brochure and the INSPECTRA LASER brochure.

EPA Method 21 Requirements Compliant

The INSPECTRA® LASER meets EPA Method 21 requirements and complies with the EPA New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) reporting regulations. Additionally, the data is accepted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as well as the EPA for fugitive emissions monitoring. Also, many state protocols follow EPA guidelines, making the NGMesh system a likely asset to make regulatory reporting simple.

Field Verification Tests

The GAZOSURVEY mobile app runs field verification tests on the stationary measurement system and the portable INSPECTRA® analyzer using a methane gas bottle. Data is automatically uploaded to NGMesh so that administrators can review results and submit the data for regulatory or quality control purposes.

Leak Source Confirmation

The GAZOSURVEY mobile app is also used for on-site leak source confirmation with the INSPECTRA® portable analyzer with automatic data transfer to NGMesh for immediate analysis and action.

Methane Monitoring System - Continuous Detection