GAZOTRACK™4 Natural Gas Leak Detector and Combustible Gas Detector

Portable Combustible Gas Detector | Multi Gas Detector

The GAZOTRACK™4 is an optical natural gas leak detector using NDIR (nondispersive infrared) sensors to detect hydrocarbons, and electrochemical sensors to discern toxic and combustible gases.

Multigas Laser Detector

This portable gas detector detects up to four gases simultaneously. The infrared sensor detects methane (CH4), with a sensitivity limit of 100 ppm. There are three electrochemical sensors to detect carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and the third that can detect an odorant gas (THT, TBM or H2S).

The combusible gas detector is intuitive and reliable even in temperature variations, and there is no condensation formation. The GAZOTRACK 4 is flexible, easy to use, and meets the safety and performance demands associated with safety interventions, pipeline purging and filling, bar holes, monitoring of gas lines in gas storage and transport installations, detecting toxic gases in potentially hazardous work environments and odorized gas measurement.

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Advantages of the GAZOTRACK4 Multi-Gas Detector:

  • Reliable and repeatable
  • Resistant to toxic compounds (for H2S, up to 200 ppm)
  • Quick – with a response time of < 4 seconds
  • Integrated temperature regulation system protects from heat and humidity variations - without condensation
  • > 5 years lifespan

User-Friendly Natural Gas Detection

  • A quick start-up time (30 seconds) ensures immediate operation with no need for preliminary adjustments or setup
  • Streamlined interface with four control buttons
  • Intuitive for integrated applications*
  • Automatic event logging and transfer when using Bluetooth® connection**
  • Visual and audible alarms with flashing red LEDs
  • Power supply charger (for office or vehicle)
  • 24-hour minimum operating time

* The gas sniffer is configured for specific applications by a GAZOMAT representative using Windows™ software.
** Reporting of data by external software as an option

Combustible Gas Detector Specifications

Download the combustible gas detector brochure.

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Applications for the Natural Gas Leak Detector

  • Testing for potentially explosive and toxic intensities of gas in work zones and confined spaces (CH4, CO)
  • Testing for hazardous levels of toxic gases (CO, O2)
  • Leak detection in indoor and outdoor systems (CH4, CO)
  • Measurement of gas concentration when pipes are filled or cleared of gas (CH4, O2, THT)
  • Boreholes: Precise location of leak points by measuring the gas concentration in boreholes (CH4)
  • Measurement of odorants (CH4, CO, O2, THT) in gas networks
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