Underground utility marking flags for overgrown areas

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Linc Energy Systems is happy to introduce Super Flags, underground utility marking flags for overgrown areas with tall grasses or weeds. Super Flags is a new product from Rhino, the manufacturer of damage prevention systems for underground utilities.

Utility Marker Flags

utility marker flags
Marking underground utilities in weeded and overgrown areas just got easier.

Temporary marking flags identify underground utilities such as sewer, electric, fiber optic, cable, water, and natural gas lines. Underground utility locators often install these flags after calling 811 (before you dig). Marking flags can be blank or custom printed to denote the type of utility or the owner of the utility line. Locator flags are usually available in wire, fiberglass, or plastic staffs and generally come in different sizes and heights.

For those locations typically overgrown with vegetation, using standard pin flags to mark underground utilities fail, as they’re often lost within the dense vegetation. Rhino has been in the business of underground utility marking systems since 1990 and has produced a solution to the common problem: Super Flags.

Super Flags have a 1/4” fiberglass rod and are either 4’ or 5’ tall, which will clear most weeds and tall grasses. They come in either large square (10” x 10”) or triangular flags (10.5” x 12” x 12”) and are in bright colors (yellow, orange, or white). The flags are made with 4 mm plastic, are weatherproof and fade resistant.

Super flags are used by locators as well as utility companies to warn excavators of the 25-foot boundary and flow easement. Additionally, these markers can mark plots and highway construction projects.

More information on Rhino Super Flags or other marking systems can be found on Damage prevention identification systems.

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  • tyler

    These sound like a great idea. The use of tracer wire upon installation of underground wiring is also a very good idea

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