Riser Repair and Reinforcement Kit by Trenton Corporation

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Here is something new to Linc Energy Systems’ product offerings, Trenton Riser Repair and Reinforcement Kit.

Riser Repair and Reinforcement Kit

Trenton has brought to market a convenient and robust riser repair kit which reinforces residential risers. The kit includes ready-to-use pre-cut sections of Trenton Wax-Tape® Wrap along with a corresponding portion of Temcoat™ 3000 Wax-Tape Primer.

Trenton Wax-Tape® Wrap is the ideal coating to prevent corrosion on residential risers. It is incredibly durable and offers enduring protection against corrosion. The coating is highly resistant to acid, moisture, salt, and ultraviolet sun rays. It is easy to use, is removable in the event of an inspection or restoration and congruent with long inspection cycles.

Applications for the Trenton Riser Kit

The Trenton Riser Kit can be used on residential risers, meter sets, CAD welds and other cathodic protection connections, small fixtures and fittings, and LNP and propane connections.

The Trenton Kit includes 50 #2A Wax-Tape 6” x 6” sections in aluminum color. Other custom sizes are available upon requests. Additional information can be found in the Trenton Riser Kit brochure.

Stocking Distributor for Trenton Corporation

Linc Energy Systems is the stocking distributor for Trenton Corp wax-tape systems. We ship from our conveniently located warehouse just outside of Denver.



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