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One of the most common causes of underground pipeline damage is from the failure to mark a pipeline properly. Marker visibility becomes increasingly more difficult as the vegetation becomes overgrown, or the signage is buried in snow. There is a simple solution that offers pipeline protection year-round for those areas susceptible to these problems.

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Pipeline Marker Problem

As the leaves finish falling, and colder weather sets in, we all know the inevitable is upon us. Even in the deepest snow, pipelines are required to be marked. This can be a challenge in areas when snow depths exceed standard length markers either from natural snowfall or drifting.

pipeline markers visibility issues TriView Extensions do not get Snowed UnderPipeline Protection Solution

In order to combat the problem of getting snowed under, taller, more detectable markers can be used to improve visibility in large snowdrifts. These more visible markers can also assist during the fall when overgrown crops and vegetation obscure markers. Using a taller marker can help protect utilities, test points, farm taps or other enclosures from farm machinery in the fall and plows and snowmobiles in the winter.

TriView™ Extension

The easy solution to the problem of losing your marker to the elements is the Rhino Triview™ Extension. Like the TriView Marker Post, which offers superior visibility, durability and is eco-friendly, the TriView Extension offers markers from 8 to 14 feet tall with 360° visibility. The two-piece system can be easily transported to remote locations and assembled in the field with no trouble in seconds. This cuts shipping and warehouse costs by eliminating the handling of oversized items.

For more information on the TriView Extension call, 303-697-6701 or take a look at some of Rhino’s other products at Marking Systems.

About Rhino and Linc Energy Systems

Linc Energy Systems is a manufacturers’ agent and distributor specializing in damage prevention. The company has represented Rhino Marking & Protection for over twenty years.

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