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As the master distributor for GPL Odorizers, we are happy to share that the company is publishing a natural gas odorization information blog on the importance of odorizing gas.

GPL Odorizers MercapMan natural gas odorization informationGPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers manufactures eco-friendly solutions to natural gas odorization. What makes the GPL odorizer unique is that they are self-contained, and most of their models do not use pipeline gas to actuate the injector. In any case, no gas is discharged to the atmosphere. These systems are also SMART, and the user can access the odorizer’s advanced controller through a smartphone, tablet or computer. This makes addressing alarms and reprogramming straightforward and easy.

MercapMan Blog and Website

Another unique feature about the company is their mascot. MercapMan, the good egg, is devoted to educating the public and industry on the importance of natural gas odorization. “If natural gas came out smelling like a rose,” MercapMan says, “you may not be interested in leaving! That nasty, rotten egg odor is intentional. It means to take action!”

While you may find GPL Odorizers website at, MercapMan’s site is at

Check out the MercapMan site which regularly publishes information on natural gas odorant injection, mercaptan, odorization regulations, odorizers, and safety tips.

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