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Linc Energy Systems is an authorized distributor for the HON 5020 (formerly the RMG 5020), a Honeywell high-pressure regulator.

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HON 5020 Gas Pressure Regulator

Honeywell’s HON 5020 gas pressure regulator provides accurate and reliable pressure reduction over a broad range of gas industry applications. This regulator improves upon current technologies with its precision grid plate design, flexible flow options, wide operational pressure range, and smooth in-line service and maintenance capability.

Gas Distribution and Transmission

Pilot-operated gas regulators must ensure reliability in gas distribution systems, gas-fired power plants, processing facilities, and commercial and industrial gas services. The HON 5020 provides gas pressure reduction service in municipal distribution, gas transmission, and industrial power plant applications. The regulator features an advanced external pilot process for safe and accurate control of outlet pressure.

In fuel gas and commercial/industrial service applications, the HON 5020 regulator ensures a desired reduced outlet pressure while providing the required flow to fulfill downstream demand. The regulator is rugged and dependable and offers smooth and reliable operation, tight shutoff, also long life.

Benefits of the High-Pressure HON 5020

  • Simplified design for extended service lifeHON 5020 honeywell high pressure regulator
  • Few moving parts
  • High sensitivity and accuracy
  • Precise control of set outlet pressure
  • Handles flow rate variations
  • Minimal maintenance requirements (top entry/In-line design)
  • Low differential pressure requirements for max flow capacity (dP= seven psig)

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