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Last year we introduced a new product line, Shelter Works fiberglass buildings and the Shelter Works warranty is unbeatable. Shelter Works is the manufacturer of premium fiberglass shelters and enclosures that are corrosion resistant, insulated and custom made.

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They serve a broad range of applications within the oil and gas industry, such as:

  • Fiberglass Buildings | 25-Year Warranty Shelter WorksGas storage
  • City gates
  • Distribution and transmission
  • Instrumentation/SCADA
  • Meter and regulator stations
  • Odorizer buildings
  • Power generation equipment
  • Wellheads

Shelter Works Fiberglass Buildings

Shelter Works places great efforts in designing the highest quality shelters while continuously striving to improve each aspect of its design. From submitting drawings, construction, all materials from hardware to resins, electrical wiring, and installation, each phase of the process is continually scrutinized to ensure that Shelter Works is delivering the highest quality buildings.

25-year warranty

Shelter Works offers a 25-year warranty on its buildings while most manufacturers offer only a one-year guarantee. If you would like more information about Shelter Works, visit Fiberglass Buildings and Enclosures, or call us today at (303) 697-6701.

The following video discusses Shelter Worksbuilt for life warranty.


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