FAQ Regarding the Acquisition of Sentry Equipment (Zeck Systems)

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As you may have heard, one of our new principals at Linc Energy Systems is GPL Odorizers. GPL Odorizers is related to Linc Energy Systems, and here is an FAQ regarding the Sentry Equipment (Zeck Systems) acquisition.

Who acquired what?

GPL Odorizers LLC acquired the assets of Sentry Equipment (formerly Zeck Systems) Odorant Injection Systems product line. The sale includes the product line assets and liabilities, intellectual property, and warranty responsibilities of the Sentry Equipment odorization product line.

GPL 750 Odorizer principle of odorant injection operation

The GPL 750 odorizer is an uncomplicated system, has long-lasting performance, is easy to maintain, and operate.

Who is GPL Odorizers LLC?

GPL Odorizers LLC of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, consists of members with experience in engineering, business management, and application solutions for natural gas distribution and transmission. GPL Odorizers designs, manufactures and services existing Sentry Equipment Corporation odorant injection systems, and has the technical competence to develop future products and system improvements. The company’s members are employees of Linc Energy Systems, a former Sentry Equipment Corp channel partner.

What is GPL Odorizers?

GPL Odorizers manufactures the most environmentally-friendly odorant injection systems on the market. The odorizers are precise and self-contained. They do not release gas into the atmosphere, and this improves safety, saves pipeline gas, reduces odor, and, consequently, lowers leak-call complaints. Also, GPL Odorizers have fewer moving parts than the leading competitive odorant injection systems. This means less maintenance over the life of the unit.

Who is Linc Energy Systems?

Linc Energy Systems is a manufacturers’ representative, distributor, and contractor specializing in natural gas measurement, damage prevention of underground infrastructure, and odorization. The company is WBE certified and has been in business since 1990. Linc Energy Systems is the national master distributor for GPL Odorizers LLC.

Who is my product sales representative?

GPL Odorizers is distributed nationally by Linc Energy Systems. Additionally, a network of authorized manufacturers’ agents represent Linc Energy Systems and sell the GPL Odorizers. To learn who your rep is, please call us at (303) 697-6701.

Who do I call for product support?

You can reach GPL Odorizers LLC at 303-927-7683, and Linc Energy Systems at 303-697-6701.


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