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Bob Steinberg, the president of Sage Metering, recently released a new eBook titled “An Industry Guide for the Use of Thermal Mass Flow Meters: Oil & Gas Production, Waste Management, Steel.”

Oil & Gas Production, Waste Management, and Steel

This book reviews the principle of operation for the thermal mass flow meter. It extensively discusses the multiple uses for this meter style within three industries, oil & gas production, waste management, and Steel production. Additionally, to a lesser degree, it provides an overview of uses in five other sectors:

  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Industrial compressed air
  • Pharma and biotech

About Sage Metering

Sage Metering manufactures thermal mass flow meters. The meters measure and monitor gas mass flow for various industrial, environmental, and municipal applications. The company headquarters is in Monterey, California. In 2003, the firm introduced the first hybrid-digital thermal mass flow meter in place of the traditional Wheatstone bridge technology. It provided improved resolution and reproducibility. Sage Metering was the first thermal flow meter manufacturer to offer a unique and easy-to-invoke on-site calibration verification. This breakthrough made it conceivable to use thermal mass meters in environmental uses to report greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per EPA regulations and quantify carbon credits per US carbon credit protocols.

An Industry Guide for the Use of Thermal Mass Flow Meters: Oil & Gas Production, Waste Management, Steel

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About Bob Steinberg

Bob Steinberg is the founder,  president,  and  CEO  of  Sage Metering. He has over 40 years of instrumentation experience. Before forming Sage Metering in 2002, Mr. Steinberg managed thermal mass flowmeter sales at  Kurz  Instruments,  Sierra Instruments,  and  Eldridge  Products.  While at  Weston Instruments,  he was a  product marketing engineer.  He has a BSEE and a BA from Rutgers University.

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